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Meet interesting locals in your city!

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    Meet-Ups in different cities around the world

    Our meetings and events are recurrent in different cities around the world. If you are new to a city or you want one of our events in your city, feel free to let us know!

    Get new connections

    Meet N Link

    Food events 

    Meet people and enjoy delicious foods near you

    Meet N Link

    Sport events

    Celebrate events together with likeminded poeple

    Meet N Link

    Enjoy a drink

    Have a drink at a bar near you with fun people  from all over the world

    Socialise more with open minded people

    Meet N LinkMeet N LinkMeet N Link
    Meet N LinkMeet N LinkMeet N LinkMeet N Link
    Meet N LinkMeet N Link

    Interesting people

    Everyone has something interesting to share, and so do you! You might think you are lonely, but you can have the time of your life and meet interesting people every week!

    Meet N Link
    Meet N Link

    Fun times

    Our meetings are fun and engaging and you'l meet with people that have a lot to share and you can do that over a drink and create live long connections and contacts that will open new doors for you. Our events are the keys to your bright future!

    Interesting conversations

    Talk about the things that interest you the most with like minded people.

    Step 1: Join a group

    Join a local group so you know when and where our events will be

    Step 2: RSVP 

    Make sure that you will come to the event so more people know that you are coming and you have a reason to meet!

    Step 3: Write Step 3 Here

    Find new connections, have a drink and MEET N Link!

    Meet N Link with cool people

    What our guests say

    I was lonely as foreign student in Miami but thanks to one of Meet N Links meetings, I have now a crew to meet with regularly.

    Lisa H.

    Miami, Florida

    As an expat in Berlin, I wanted to meet people outside of my business sector and I was to shy to just approach people, so Meet N Link made it easy for me to have a reason to meet and now I have a new group of friends!

    Megan D.

    Berlin, Germany

    I made a big move to a new city and it was hard to know where exactly to get started and Meet N Link made it easy for me with their variety of events!

    Robert H.

    Rome, Italy

    Meet open minded people around your area!

    Discuss different topics and feel the connection!

    Meet N Link - Events - In Your Area

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